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Nowhere Boys is a 2013 fantasy drama television series with a fully aired Series 1 and currently airing Series 2. It is about four boys; Felix Ferne, a goth and witch, Jake Riles, a jock, Sam Conte, a skateboard obsessed formerly selfish big eater, and Andy Lau a nerd who likes Bear Grylles. These latter 3 boys are summoned by Felix, who takes them to an Alternate Universe so he can see his younger disabled brother Oscar Ferne (Alternate Universe). This is unknown until Episode 12. When the boys finally escape a restoring demon with the help of magic shop owner Phoebe Hartley (Alternate Universe), her sister (the demon) Alice follows them into their world, where Andy is sucked into the sky and the boys try and solve the mystery of where he has gone with the help of Oscar, new girl Saskia and Felix's goth best friend Ellen (Original Universe). It is unknown who else will help them in the future. In Episode 21 Saskia is revealed to be a golem made by Alice.

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